Welding flux recovery


Flux Recovery Machine For Gantry Welding Machine      
Flux Recovery Model FR is best choice for portable flux suction and re-circulation required in submerge arc welding:
- Portable.
- Stable and strong flux suction power.
- Gravity flux feed.
- Separate and collect dust.
Model  FR10 FR20 FR30
Input voltage 1 phase / 220V or 3 phase 380V
Power (kw) 0.75 1,10 1,75
Vacuum pressure (mmAq) 1,400 2,400 2,600
Air Flow (M3/h) 160 250 320
Capacity (L) 30 50 50
Suction hose length (M) 10 10 10

Flux suspended conveyor recovery system is based on the welding machine of the production process requirements of the development of a new generation of Flux processing equipment.

Flux recovery machine, transportation flux in one operation to fly planes in the tail end of the beam, the beam is installed on the side of the stainless steel tube is connected to the front of the beam flux and small mouth suction hopper. Built-in high-performance products that filter materials produced by the dust filter components, air vents through which really makes no dust emissions, in order to create a good working environment and lay a solid foundation. Local reasonably compact, well-controlled operation can be controlled in recent, very convenient and effective delivery recovery, performance and stability control, run-time noise and dust emissions from non-essential. This series of Flux recovery system for a variety of products that can be operated in accordance with welding machines require matching process.