Arc Welding Fume Extractor

Arc – Gas Welding mobile fume extractor
Model: FEX (A)
- Arc welding workshop: MMA, MIG, TIG,
- Robotic welding, SAW welding
- Plasma cutting, oxy gas welding - cutting


FEX (A) welding fume extractors are Standard  mobile welding fume extraction system. These Mobile welding fume extractors are generally used for creating shop floor's environment safe & clean for workers. Welding Fume Extractors can be supplied separate at one site / multi site.

Multi Stages Filter’s Main Informations:

1. Hepa filter (high efficiency particulate air filter):
- It filters over 70 kind of micro pollutants: suspended virus, bacteria, fungus, …
- The filtering effeciency reaches 0.3µm / 99.97%
2. Active carbon filter:
- It effectivety filter the common toxic and hazardous gases, formaldehyde, benzene

3. Option: Fire arrester and coarse dust by cyclone


- Easy to clean, repair and replace the filter.
- Increase the life of the filter, reduce the number of periodic cleanings with cyclone (Option)

Standard Accessoríe:
- Body: 01
- Centrifugal fan: 01
- Dust filter: 01
- Fume filteri: 01
- Flexible arm 2M: 01
- Hopper (No lockable, no adjustable): 01
How long is the replacement cycle of filters?
- Carbon filter: 03 - 06 months
- Hepa filter: 06 - 12 months (Clean hepa filter weekly)